All You Need to Know About Cajon

The cajon, which means safe and box in Spanish, is one of the percussion instruments with a wooden appearance. It is a type of instrument that we are not accustomed to see very often. In addition, the cajon is a type of instrument that is not well known to many people who are familiar with the music. Made of plywood material, the cajon is a musical instrument played by hand, brush, and hitting tools such as mallets and sticks.


Playing the cajon instrument is quite simple. To use it correctly, the person must sit on the tool with their legs spread out. Cajon is a musical instrument originally from Africa and Peru. Cajon, known to have been developed on the beach, is a frequently used tool, especially in America. Cajon has a different appearance than classical instruments such as violin and guitar. You can continue reading our article for more detailed information on the subject.

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Where Does The Cajon Come From?   


The cajon musical instrument, which has become popular with the use of a famous guitar player on stage, is mainly used in Flamenco music. Cajon is frequently used, especially by drummers, with its strings, tuned and cymbal variants. It is an easy-to-use musical instrument.


This different musical instrument, widely used in Peruvian culture, fascinates the listeners by accompanying traditional melodies. Therefore, many people attend cajon courses to learn what cajon means, which is now a well-known and used instrument in our country. 


Types of Cajon          


There are many types of cajons. However, the main ones are as follows:



Appearing in Peru's tea plantations more than 200 years ago, the first cajons likely first appeared as chests repurposed as drums by African slave musicians.


The backs of this type of cajon are usually made of hardwood with a rounded sound hole cut. The front part, called the plug, is made of laminated wood. These Peruvian cajons produce a tight, dry sound. An essential feature of this type is that there are no snare drum strings inside.



These cajons are fitted with snare strings or guitar strings against the back of the striking surface. They are perfect if you want to recreate a drum kit's bass and snare drum sound.



It is usually made with five sides of the wood, each side tapering downwards, giving it a different shape. Known as the Cuban style, these types of cajon are played like a conga, producing higher, bongo or conga-like tones.

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How to Play the Cajon


Cajon is a musical instrument that is played with fingers or mallets. At this point, there are different alternative playing techniques for the musician. However, it is an enjoyable musical instrument that is easy to play and learn.


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