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Music has been around for thousands of years. People have designed various musical instruments to obtain different sounds. Since the technology was not advanced as today's, they produced musical instruments from trees, logs, and animal skins. Technology is developing day by day, and opportunities are increasing. Making many musical instruments is becoming easy. There are many criteria we need to know to buy a musical instrument. So what do you need to know to buy a darbuka?


Various instruments were designed over the years. The oldest known musical instrument is the darbuka, which is in the category of percussion instruments. It is also quite entertaining. Continue reading our article for detailed information about buying darbuka.


Choosing your darbuka size     


Looking at the dimensions, you should know the diameter of the head, which is the plastic part at the top of the darbuka. Therefore, there are a few basic rules to consider. These are as follows:

  • You need space for your two hands to fit and move around the darbuka. The darbuka needs to be large enough to sit comfortably on your lap.
  • 22 cm is by far the most popular size of the darbuka. Playing darbuka is a pleasure and fun for people of all ages. The 23cm darbuka is slightly larger and weighs about 2kg.
  • The darbuka is an instrument that is as difficult to play as any other instrument. For this reason, plain, classic darbuka is recommended for beginners. The darbuka is definitely an ideal instrument and easy to play. It has a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 28 cm. Also, it can be easily carried to any place with its 600-gr weight.


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Checking the features of darbuka          


If you want to learn to play the darbuka at a level, you need to buy a quality darbuka with which you can feel the rhythm. Also, your darbuka should be light. Darbuka makes your work easier while carrying and playing with its light structure.


It can be taken anywhere with the carrying case that comes with it. Darbukas have differences in terms of playing technique. If you can play a darbuka, you should practice and improve yourself. The most significant thing in darbuka is the use of fingers. The more you practice, the more you will improve. 


Deciding the material you want


Darbuka was previously produced using terracotta. All materials, animal skin, and most synthetic materials are preferred. It is also increasingly plaster, porcelain, wood, and fiberglass. Leather is used in the instrument, which looks like a wide pipe on one side. The leather is stretched with the help of screws to give it a tone.


As Sultan Instrument, we have mentioned what you need to know about buying a darbuka in this article. Our goal is to reduce costs and hassles for our valued customers and to present the best instruments worldwide. You can visit our website for detailed information about our products.

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