3 great ways to maintenance of your oud instrument

Oud instrument care is extremely important for the longevity of the oud instrument and its sound quality. For this reason, after playing the oud, you need to pay attention to a few criteria before putting it back in its box. Instrument maintenance helps extend the life of that instrument and produce higher-quality sound. Therefore, you should take care of your musical instruments. Continue reading our article for the three most important ways to know about oud care.

 oud case

Always keep your oud instrument in its case when not in use


Put your oud in the case after playing, and do not take it out when you are not using it. If you do not put it in the case, you should leave it in a place where your home or environment is not humid and where the air is neither hot nor cold. Also, please do not leave it in front of heaters, stoves, and air conditioners.


If you travel in extreme weather conditions, you should help protect it by wrapping it with a suitable cheesecloth or fabric before putting it in the box. All this protects your chord along with your oud instrument.

 oud maintenance

Don't leave your oud instrument in extreme temperatures


It is necessary to store the oud at room temperature. The reason for this is not to encounter situations such as sweating and swelling due to the material. In addition, excessive air change causes the structure and sound of the oud to deteriorate.


Always keep your oud Instrument clean   


Since the breast of the oud is light in colour, it is likely to be contaminated. Therefore, the body of the lute should not be wiped with a wet cloth, soap, or chemicals such as alcohol. In addition, dust and stains on the oud should be wiped with a dry cloth. If colours appear on the chest board, they can be cleaned with light sandpaper, in consultation with the manufacturer.


The care of the augers is done with medication, and it is essential to turn them quickly. In cases where the auger gets stuck, substances such as soap and oil should not be used. In this case, it is best to consult the manufacturer.


When the oud is not played, it should be kept in a lighted cabinet with its chest on it. It is incorrect to keep the oud in humid, humid environments, excessive sunlight, or indoor and hot environments. If you're in a damp climate, keeping it in a lighted cabinet with as little dampness as possible is a good idea. Also, a case must be used while carrying the oud.


As Sultan Instrument, we have discussed what you need to know about the maintenance of the oud instrument in this article. Our goal is to reduce costs and hassles for our valued customers and to present the best instruments worldwide. You can visit our website for detailed information about our products.

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