3 Popular Musical Instruments Used in the Middle East

Music is part of our life. It is possible to find ourselves in the rhythm and notes of the music. While music continues to exist, new genres are emerging every day. The most important thing we need to perform all kinds of music is musical instruments. We can make the sound we want with musical instruments.


However, musical instruments have an important position in the middle east. The most popular ones, in general, are oud, qanun, and Ney. You can continue reading our article for more detailed information on the subject.

 musical instruments


Oud is a musical instrument of Arab origin. Oud originated in North Africa and spread to Europe over time. It is the oldest Arabian musical instrument. The oud played a significant role at the beginning of the Middle Eastern musical tradition. In short, the oud is also known as the ancestor of the European lute. The sound of the oud comes out of its hollow body.


With the strings' vibration, the sound is output from the empty body. The oud has an exciting design. The upper part of the oud is made of light wood.



The qanun is in the string instruments group. The tuning must be done meticulously to get a beautiful sound from the instrument. Tuning is the most critical criterion in qanun string instruments. The chord law is also a detail that should be addressed for the device to produce the desired sound, and the qanun is a complex instrument in tuning. The characteristic sound can only be achieved with stringed instruments if an instrument is in tune.


The qanun is an instrument belonging to the string family. It is suggested that its etymological origin comes from the Greek word "canon" meaning "rule." Many different opinions have been put forward about the basis of the qanun instrument.



Ney is a woodwind instrument, an end-blown flute that bears the traces of our past. However, this musical instrument, used in many fields, especially in religious vocalizations and hymns, is starting to take place frequently in many music genres today. This instrument, which will enchant you from the first moment you hear its voice, will fascinate you with its unique sound and timbre.


The central part of the ney is the body. There are holes in the body where notes and voices are printed. There are holes on the back and front surfaces of the body, especially the hole on the back surface can be opened slightly from the middle area to the left or right according to the user's grip style, making the performance more efficient. There are usually six holes on the front surface.


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