The magic of the darbuka

The existence of music dates back to the first periods of humanity. People invented instruments for entertainment. For these inventions, they made musical instruments from trees, logs, and animal skins. There are various instruments that people made in ancient times. These instruments were played by striking, blowing, or tapping the strings. In ancient times, people created percussive sound rhythms. As time progressed, they made reels from trees. However, the oldest known musical instrument is the darbuka, which belongs to the class of percussion instruments. 


The darbuka instrument is quite entertaining. Also, a new instrument was produced by adding a few features to the existing instrument day by day. While the darbuka was made of wood in ancient times, it is also produced from different materials today. You can visit our website for detailed information about our products.


History of darbuka


The darbuka is an instrument that dates back to Egypt in the BC era and can be of different sizes. In the early periods, in the civilizations of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and Central Asia; today, it is widely seen in Turkey, Arab countries, and North Africa.


Darbuka, mainly used as an instrument in folk music in our country, has also started to take place in our classical music since the 20th century. However, the copper darbuka we use, the darbuka used in the Arab world, differs.

 darbuka instrument

Types of darbuka


Darbuka varieties with their descriptions are as follows:


Turkish Darbuka

Instruments similar to today's darbuka were used in various shapes and sizes in Anatolian, Mesopotamian, and Central Asian civilizations. As a result, the Turkish darbuka instrument has been called by different names over time.


Today, the body of the Turkish darbuka is made of iron or aluminium. In addition, synthetic leather is used on the headboard of the darbuka.


Egyptian Darbuka

Egyptian darbuka is also known as Tabla. Unlike the Turkish style darbuka, the Egyptian darbuka has rounded edges. Also, the tuning screws are not exposed. Professional performers know how to play this instrument using different techniques.


Clay Darbuka

The body of this instrument is made of clay. Clay and animal skin give the instrument a more natural sound. It is also called solo darbuka because it is mainly played solo. Due to its material, it is heavier than other types of darbuka and is usually played above the knee.

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How to choose your first darbuka


Some of the criteria you need to consider when choosing a darbuka are as follows:


Determine your purpose for playing the darbuka

After that, you can more clearly distinguish the species from each other. Then, of course, you should list the types of darbuka with their features.


Find your music market!

After basic research on the instrument, you need to find the right place to buy it. It can be challenging, but you can understand the music market after researching. If you are looking for one online, you can start your search with Sultan Instrument.


As Sultan Instrument, we have discussed what you need to know about darbuka in this article. Our goal is to reduce costs and hassles for our valued customers and to present the best instruments worldwide. You can visit our website for detailed information about our products.

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