Tips for Purchasing a good Oud


     Some people of you may wish to purchase an Oud when visiting a Middle Eastern country. This is a fantastic idea because you also get to see where the Oud comes from and get a sense of the culture, conceivably meet some musicians, and meet the person who made your Oud.


Musical instruments stores

     In most cases, you will probably buy an Oud from a music shop and not from a Lutheran workshop, unless you have pre-ordered an Oud and going to pick it up in person. Here are some tips and hints when buying Oud in a foreign country and then ordering Oud from Lutheran. The first rule when purchasing an Oud is to stay away from decorative items. You will find decorative Oud in the tourist trap areas of a given city. They will be made of low quality wood, and they may look very attractive, but don’t be fooled, they are not even worth a glance!

     Only buy Oud from stores that specialize in musical instruments. However, it is even possible that you will find instrument shops in visitor areas that are not completely professional. In this case, you are pretty much on your own to decide the worth of the instrument you are glance at.

     If you are in a reputable instrument store and you are serious about buying an Oud, always be careful, you may not be fully aware of all the cultural aspects. Distinction that are involved when dealing. Read up on the country you are visiting to earlier.


Design and artistry

The next thing to check out is the design of the oud. The space between the fingers presses the strings and the strings should be small for those that are new to the instrument. This is because it makes playing oud easier. A high-action oud is not suitable for newbie’s as it is difficult to play and can make the experience a much enhance one. So, before making any purchase, the neck of the instrument should be checked to be sure of the distance between the fingers and the strings.


You’re Budget

This possibly goes without saw, especially if you have bought an instrument. As long as you define your budget, you can decide what other feature you may need to compromise on or not if you have a huge great budget!


Choosing the Best Oud Instrument Brands

Buying the best oud instrument can be a great source of entertainment for anyone who decides to have an awesome musical experience. In time, it might be easier for oud players to get an idealistic attachment to the musical instrument as it can get attached with time.

Therefore, when purchasing one, it is essential to take care to get fitting ones. According to the reviews done above, it is obvious that some oud types are more fitting for fresher than others are.

Tightening down the decision for the oud instrument to be buying can start from choosing whether a Turkish, Arab, Egyptian, Iraqi, Iranian or electric type is desired. Then, the choose of whether romantic. This will make two choices, and the player can proceed from there to pick whatever he or she wants to buy by inspecting their details.

Then finely, oud instruments require nonstop changing of wires to keep the sound quality in check. It is tip that depending on usage, oud wires (strings) should be changed every three months for light management or every month for heavy management. It is therefore essential that all oud players know how to change wires (strings).


These elements are as follows.


  • Size
  • Shape
  • Workmanship
  • Material
  • Weight
  • Durability
  • Beautiful Voice:
  • Sound Power
  • Sound Elongation
  • Balance
  • Tuning:
  • Straightness of the Keyboard Balance of Wire Height
  • Balance of Wire Height
  • Thickness and Width of Handle
  • Plump Rift