The Best Guide for Electric Oud Buyers

For those who love folk music, the oud is used electronically in Greece, Arabia, the Middle East, and North Africa! This kind of oud is a powerful instrument you should be proud to use.  As Turkish, Syrian, and Arabic ouds are common, they are available for sale online. On the other hand, the sale of electric ouds is more limited. Yoo are lucky because nowadays they produce electric versions of these prominent models.


Unfortunately, that doesn't make buying one any easier. But don't worry; we're about to simplify the process. In this article, we will share with you in detail about electric ouds.



What is unique about electric oud?  


The electric oud is a solid-bodied instrument made of attractive beech wood. Although there are different types of electric ouds on the market recently, the electric ouds of Ibrahim Sukar, the famous Syrian oud producer, are considered the best in the world. It is noteworthy that the sound of the electric lute is quite similar to that of the traditional lute. In a true sense, the electric oud is the updated version of the traditional one, and the strap comes with a custom made. This instrument can be used in all musical genres, from jazz and oriental folklore to rock. Electric oud Dimensions are as follows:


  • Electric Oud has a total length of 31 inches.
  • Electric Oud Neck length is 8.2 inches
  • Electric Oud Width is 14 inches
  • Electric Oud Weight 2.86 pounds


Usually, the ouds of this century are made of Honduran mahogany, and their artistic design is truly admirable. This unique instrument can undoubtedly boast of 21st-century sound technology, and its incredible design reflects one of the oldest musical instruments in the world.

 electric ouds


Tuning of the electric oud           


To tune the oud, you must simultaneously turn the ratchet and push it in. We recommend that you sit upright with the neck of the lute on your left knee. That will give you a contraption to push in as you turn the screw.


There are many ways to tune the oud, and you must first learn the vibration length of your oud. This length is measured from nut to nut. Turkish ouds are around 58 cm, and Arabic ouds are around 61 cm.



Where to buy the best electric ouds


All electric ouds are tuned to eleven strings arranged in five rows of double string and a single string. Turkish electric ouds, professional Arabic electric ouds, professional Turkish Electric ouds, Turkish professional semi-cut electric ouds, and silent ouds are available in our store for musicians. You can visit our website for detailed information about quality electric ouds.


As Sultan Instrument, we have discussed what you need to know about electric oud in this article. Our goal is to reduce costs and hassles for our valued customers and to present the best instruments worldwide. You can visit our website for detailed information about our products.

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