String Instruments Family History and Facts

String instruments produce sound by sliding the hand on the string with the help of a stick springing and vibrating it. This causes the so-called Stick-Slip-Effect which produces the sound. In addition, the lengths of the strings vary between approximately 70-75 cm. Violin, Cello, Viola, Electric Violin, Double Bass, Cello, Stringed Tambour, and Cumbus are in the family of string instruments.


String instruments are musical instruments that create sound by moving the bow on the string. Since these instruments do not have a fret in the chord part, they are more challenging to learn than fretted instruments such as guitar and baglama.



The history of string instruments    


According to theories about instruments before Christ, the ancient instruments used in the traditional music of China are early prototypes of string instruments used today.


German music scientist and organologist stated that the oldest string instrument could be seen in Iran in the 9th century. The Chinese and Mongols discovered string instruments in the 9th and 10th centuries. It is closely related to the Turkestan and Indian string instruments. Therefore, all evidence regarding the homeland of string instruments points to Inner Asia.  

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Features of string instruments 


The violin is the most well-known instrument among the string instruments. Since it has a tone close to the human voice, it has been used in many different genres. The violin is also considered an introductory instrument for string instruments. The principles of string instruments can be better understood by learning the violin before main string instruments such as viola, double bass, and cello.


When it comes to string instruments, classical music usually comes to mind. But the usage of this family of instruments is not only limited to this area. These instruments are also widely used in folk music. Furthermore, different types of string instruments can be seen in local music performances in a wide geography from the USA to India. In addition, we can see that string instruments are used in music genres such as jazz, rock, and metal.


The type of Turkish string instruments used while performing Turkish classical music and folk songs are various from the other instrument group. Their body structures and string arrangements differ according to the violin group. 


Most popular string instruments


There are many string instruments. String instruments fall into a very broad category. Most string instruments include many different varieties, the result of centuries of development in many different parts of the world. We will consider the most important and popular string instruments. If we list the names of the most popular string instruments in general, they are as follows:


  1. Violin
  2. Cello
  3. Electric violin
  4. Double bass
  5. Viola
  6. Kemenche
  7. Cumbus


Each string instrument family has different sounds and harmony. 


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