Oud Accessories

A selection of accessories that will make your Oud playing experience more enjoyable while keeping your instrument in perfect condition. Protecting and maintaining your Oud is imperative for preserving its optimum level of performance.



Oud is a musical instrument of Lute family and is considered as the King Of Instruments. The Turkish Ouds are well known for their master craftsmanship as well as healing sounds. The Turkish Oud is the largest size oud with decorated, covered holes. The covered holes and large body allow more sound to produce within the oud and this is what creates the soft, deep, healing sounds of the Turkish Oud. A fretless instrument that allows the creation of any intervals or microtones particularly to Middle Eastern, Turkish, Greek and North African music. The shape is a striped bowl pattern, a result of bending the thin staves of wood over a mold. Similar to other string instruments, the oud’s strings are spirally reinforced in the way that they are wound extremely tightly and then attached so as to give it its unique sound.

When you buy an oud, it will be molded in your hands and you will be able to create an authentic sound of your own.

 Defining Features of Oud Accessories:

Strings- this instrument consists of 11 strings. Out of these, 10 strings are paired together, whereas, the lowest string remains single.

Peg box- from the neck of the oud, the peg box is bent back at a 45-90° angle.

Sound Holes- this instrument has 1-3 oval or circular shaped sound holes. These 3 holes have a much more traditional sight, each one symbolizes celestial bodies. The largest 1 exists in the center as the sun, as the two smaller holes are representations of the moon and produce a higher pitch.

Body- the body of the oud is staved and bowl-like back.


To have a best experience while using or protecting your Oud you must have all accessories regarding to the instrument. The sound of the Oud instrument vibrates within its hollow body. It is made of a circular back, which is enclosed with a soundboard, a flat sheet of wood, whereas, the backside of the instrument is made of 15-25 strips of wood. Usually, the open side of the back portion is called as the rosette. We are presenting all the required accessories include:

  • Oud Strings
  • Soft Cases for ouds
  • Oud Stands
  • Oud Picks
  • Oud Tops
  • Fingerboard for Ouds
  • Bone Nut
  • Rostta Set
  • Tareq Jundi oud book
  • Bowls
  • Bridge
  • Peg box

We can provide you with a variety of each of the above accessories on discount you will never find anywhere else except our store.

If you are looking to buy a high-quality oud and oud accessories, you must buy a hand-made one like the ouds we have in our collection. High-quality ouds' faces are made from spruce, tuning pegs and fingerboards are made up of ebony. The bowl back is made of maple, walnut and mahogany. If the strings are closer to the fingerboard, it would be more convenient for you to play the instrument.