Darbuka- globlet drum is a single head membranophone. It is an open-back, long anchor, and made of baked clay or an aluminum and similar metal, used as a method of tapping in Turkish music.

 This instrument has a history that goes all the way back to the Common Era in Egypt, also very common in Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Arabic countries and North Africa  and  widely played in Turkish Folk Music amongst other instruments and has also known        as an important instrument in the Turkish classical music lately. Darbuka has different names such as “dümbek,” “dümbelek”, “tömbek” but its original name “dümbelek” an Arabic name means “to strike”. These extraordinary instruments originate from the Middle East; now they have found their way to drummers and percussionists all over the world.


Turkey has been well known for its craftsmen and Turkish Professional Darbukas are great examples of this fact. The professional doumbeks grade drums made light and sturdy while sounding beautifully. Turkish darbukas are made up of metal or pottery. Traditionally, its        head is made by a stretched skin, now, the heads are synthetic, and can be tuned. Many different screws are located on the head for tuning. These synthetic skins their pitch regardless of change in temperature and humidity.

Darbuka, is important in entertainment culture in deep-seated geographies, has outward of a broad pipe on one side and a narrow side, it is hyped-up on a leather hoop and its unique tone is adapted. They are capable of producing an immense range of tones and sounds. Darbuka contains Two basic sounds called, düm and tek :

1- “Dum” is the basis for rhythm and is achieved by hitting the middle of the instrument.             2- “Tek” sound is used for decoration and improvisation.


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