How to Buy an Oud Instrument

How to Buy an Oud Instrument


So, you are looking to buy an oud? What an exciting time!
You have a lot of choices to make and models to compare and we wanted to make that as easier for you as possible. Let’s dive right into this interesting part of the instrument purchasing world

How do I buy a good oud?

If you want to buy a high-quality oud, you should absolutely buy a hand-made one like the oud we have in our collection. High-quality oud' faces are made from spruce, tuning pegs, and fingerboards are constructed from ebony.

The first step that one must take in order to enter the world of the Oud is to decide which type of Oud he or she wants to purchase.

These are the many colors and flavors of the Oud which you can achieve. There are many choices to choose from. The Oud has evolved over many thousands of years, and it took some time before even I could understand the differences between different types of Oud.

Is this your first oud?

Purchase an oud for the first time may seem like a simple decision, but it is much more important than most people would think. Choosing an oud is like choosing your status because every Oud has its own soul that should mirror your personality and style as a musician.  

 If you are more soft-spoken, elegantly powerful, and hold your music close to your heart, then you will want to choose an oud.


Do all Oud the Sound the Same?

 People often ask, do all oud sound the same? The answer is NO. The same oud builder can use the same type of wood, the same tools, the same glue, and can make two Oud that will confidently have two identical sounds, but it never happens and every Oud has its own rare sound.


What elegance and Technique of Oud Music Should You Choose?

There is much different elegance of oud music and technique, so every musician needs to find what style fits those best. Do you play more Egyptian-style songs? Or perhaps you like the improved artistic style of Turkish elegance?



The Looks of the Oud

While the sound is most essential, it is also very essential to choose the oud that has a design and look that best fits your personality. One of the biggest differences in oud appearances is that Egyptian and Turkish oud tend to be more decorative with many ornaments, while the Iraqi oud is usually sleek and simple. 


Measurements of the Oud

The measurements by which oud makers create their oud are considered to be sacred because an oud maker cannot reveal the secrets that make their specific elegance of oud.

The Wood of the Oud

The wood used to generate an oud is always carefully selected and treated to generate different kinds of oud. The oud is then always polished to shine with quality. Different kinds of wood can build a different kind of sounds. 


Strings of the Oud

Choosing the kind of strings (wire) for your oud also plays a big role in the identity of your oud career because all strings sound different. There are many contrasts of wires that are measured by their weight and the different kinds of strings build different sounds. For example, a G wire should be made of steel to accomplish a clearer sound. 


Buying an Oud for newcomer

Usually, the price is the most essential factor to appraise when buying an oud because a beginner is still unsure about their loyalty to playing the oud. We prescribe that all beginners should start with an average-priced oud. 

Quality and Craft of Oud Making

 Their choice of knowledgeable measurements and design is what will ultimately create the structure, sound, and feel of the oud. The smallest change in any characteristics will make a different oud so Oud builders take pride in recreating their own unique approach of oud. Educated oud builders consider physics musicology, mathematics, and specific calculations when crafting an oud. Crafting oud is not about making something; it is about crafting a piece of art with true brilliance.