Complete guide to buying an Oud

Complete guide to buying an Oud


Introduction to Oud

     Some of you may wish to purchase an Oud when touring a Middle Eastern country. This is a fantastic idea because you also get to see where the Oud comes from and get a sense of the culture, perchance meet some musicians, and meet the person who made your Oud. In most cases, you will possibly purchase an Oud from a music shop and not from a Luther’s workshop, unless you have pre-ordered an Oud and going to pick it up in person. Here are a few advices when purchasing an Oud in a foreign country and then ordering an Oud from a Luther.


Advice for Buying a Good Oud

     Oud is a guitar instrument allowing the creating of any musical-intervals or microtonal particular to Easterncountry, Greek, Turkish, and North African music. It has a stripy bowl pattern, a result of curved very thick staves of wood over a mold. The number of the wire range between 10 to 13 depending on the type of oud depending on the locality. When you purchase an oud, it will be moldered in your hands and you will make your own genuine voice. So, if you want to purchase one, we suggest you to explore the properties of its variant types and find your preferred sound.


Oud making

     It has a prolonged shape, as in a wired instrument. Before creating it, it is necessary to choose the material. Walnut, mahogany, apricot, maple, oud boat; cherry plum, imported woods such as images, rosewood winged, The most important is the upper plate, as in the violin. In order to be great in sound, the table must be made of high quality and very spruce wood. However, the plate should not be thick to get a nice and good sound. Because the sound waves through back on the oud boat and through back on the table and deliver vibration. The oud soundboard is 75% important, if it is followed, it will be possible to get a nice and soft sound.


Oud Care and Store

     Care and store conditions are very important for your oud musical instrument to remain of the same quality for many years. First of all, you need to control your oud musical instrument at room temperature. It is not correct to control the oud in moist, moist environments, extreme sunlight or indoor and hot environments. If you're in a wet environment, it's a good practice to keep it in a light-filled cabinet in as tiny dampness as possible.

Exchanging the wire every six months will contribute to creating the sound quality at a high level. If you are not going to play for a long time, it is better to leave the wire loose.

Oud should never be polished with chemicals such as wet cloth, soap, alcohol. Any dust on the boat should be clean with a dry cloth.


High Quality Oud

     If you want to purchase a high-quality oud, you should absolutely purchase a hand-made one like the oud we have in our collection. High-quality oud' faces are made from elegant, tuning pegs and thesaurus are constructed from ebony. If the wire is closer to the thesaurus, it would be easier for you to play the instrument.


Choosing the Right Oud

     Istanbul is regarding as the capital of oud construction and musicians from all over the world visit specialized music stores in Istanbul including ours, to buy tailored, high-quality traditional instruments. Make sure not to buy an adornment oud from visitor areas.

Prior to purchasing an oud, you need to decide your budget and also find out which one is fitting for you. When you take an oud into your hands and pluck the strings, if you hear the vibrations and the sound of the oud inside your heart, it means that you have found the right instrument. 


If you have considered all of the above aspects, you are now ready to decide which oud to purchase.

Let's look at the advice for getting a good oud together.

There are several things to consider when buying an oud.