HRB 400S Oud Model

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  This masterpiece made by Master Maker Yildirim Palabiyik and designed by Dr. Hamad Bouresli is ready for any concert musician looking to add quality sound and craftsmanship to their repertoire.

  For over two decades, Master Palabiyik has made over 1,500 top quality ouds for professional musicians around the globe. Preferred instrument of experts like Dr. Hamad Bouresli  , Tareq el Jundi, Ahmed Alshaiba, and Ghassan Al-yousif, among many more, Palabiyik ouds are one of a kind.

  Yildirim Palabiyik ouds are designed to deliver the perfect sound and visual beauty. Handcrafted out of all-natural woods these instruments are a testament to the years of education and experience of Master Yildirim Palabiyik.

  The entire instrument is crafted and manufactured in Mr. Palabiyik’s studio. With this instrument you not only add the joy of music to your life but also buy a piece of history and tradition.

  The Oud will be delivered to you in a completely safe hard-shell box. The packaging comes with a 100% replacement guarantee. If your item arrives with any damage we offer a no hassle exchange assurance.




Your package will arrive with the following:

- Professional Concert Oud

- Hard Case

- 5 Picks

- Extra Strings Set

Item Specifications -Dr. Hamad Bouresli Oud Model

Model: HRB 400S

Strings: 11-String

Wood Type (Bowl): Cocobolo

Wood Type (Front): Engelman

Fingerboard: Stabilized wood

Length of Body: 48.5 cm

Length of Neck: 19.5 cm

String Length: 58.5 cm

Depth: 19 cm

Width: 36.5 cm

Tuning: Do-Do

Made in Turkey!

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