WG1 Padded Oud Bag

Sale price$129.00


Our Good Quality New Style Oud Gig Bag, which we designed for all oud types(Turkish, Arab, Iraq, Syria,...), is made of quality fabric. With more than 30mm of internal padding, your oud is safe even on the go.

Easy to carry with its special handle and double-sided hanger to be used as a backpack, you can comfortably carry notes and other oud materials with the special pocket located on the front of our Good Quality New Style Oud Gig Bag.
Our Good Quality New Style Oud Gig Bag is produced to keep your instrument safe, no matter where and when you are playing. When you put your oud in it, you will feel its robustness and the confidence it provides. The soft material inside protects your instrument from scratches and provides an extra layer of protection.

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