Volume Oud Strings Classical Set

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Tuning: Do-Do
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Volume Oud String Classical Set, which has an important place among Oud strings, is a string type preferred by many oud users. Volume Ud String Classical Set, used by professional oud users in many countries, especially in Turkey and the Middle East, is an excellent choice for all levels of users.
Our Volume Ud Tel Classical Set is produced in automatic machines untouched. You will have the opportunity to play your oud in the most authentic style with the Volume Ud Teli Classical Set with Do Do, Fa Fa and Re Re tuning features.
The features of the Volume Ud Classical String Set are listed below.
- Chords to be drawn: Do Do / Fa Fa / Re Re
- Anti-corrosion package
- Long shelf life

Our Volume Ud Teli Classical Set will be sent to you in good packaging. We give 100% guarantee on packaging. If the product arrives at you in a damaged condition, we will replace it unconditionally.

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