Turkish Kanun

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Prepared by the Sultan Music Qanun makers, this is the perfect instrument for musicians who want to give their listeners a beautiful, clean and high-quality sound. One of the must have instruments of traditional Turkish music, the Turkish Qanun is provided to you with all the Sultan Music assurances.

The massive piece of Plane Tree, is combined with ebony pegs, PVF strings to deliver a top of the line sound quality. Also, the use of synthetic leather, silver pins, and finish gives our gorgeous Turkish Qanuns an impressive and everlasting aesthetic beauty.

Turkish Qanun specifications are as listed below:

  • Sound: 26
  • Material (Body): Massive Plane Tree
  • Pegs: Ebony
  • Skin: 4 Eyes Synthetic Leather
  • Strings: PVF Strings
  • Polish: Matte

Here is the list of items that will be shipped to you along with your Turkish Qanun

  • Qanun Mizrap/Pick Set (2)
  • Qanun Ring Set
  • Quality Soft Qanun Bag

Your Turkish Qanun will be shipped to you in a custom designed box.  We provide a 100% guarantee on our packaging and shipping. If your item arrives damaged, we will provide a no questions asked replacement. Standard shipping will be provided to you cost free by Sultan Instruments.

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