Color: Alumunium
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Inspired by Baglama, Sazbus is an instrument with a smaller and thinner neck than the cumbus. Available in short and long neck options, Sazbus is an easy-to-use and clean-sounding instrument.

The characteristics of Sazbus are as follows:
- Body: Aluminum / Oven Paint
- Pegs: Mechanical Parts Pegs
- Handle: Beech Tree
- Fret: 19/24
- Fretboard: Mahogany / Walnut
- String: 3 Double Row wires
- Sound Top: 0.125 micron synthetic leather

Our Sazbus will be sent to you in a well-packaged manner. We give 100% guarantee on packaging. If the product arrives at you in a damaged condition, we will replace it unconditionally.

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