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Tabla, has seen a continuous rise in popularity since it originated in Northern India in the 18th century. Rich in culture, history, and traditional musical values, the BANDIN Tabla is a one of a kind instrument.

Consisting of two pieces, the smaller of the two is called Daya, while the bigger one is named Baya.

BANDIN Tabla specifications are as listed below:

  • Material (Daya): Shesham Tree
  • Material (Baya): Copper with Chrome Finish
  • Length (Daya): 25 cm
  • Length (Baya): 25 cm
  • Diameter (Daya): 14.5 cm
  • Diameter (Baya): 23 cm
  • Sound Range (Daya): La to Mi
  • Sound Range (Baya): 5th Sound of Daya Tuning

Here is the list of items that will be shipped to you along with your BANDIN Tabla

  • 2 Turbans (Padded Covers)
  • 2 Athara (Support Rings)
  • 1 Hathori (Tuning Hamer)
  • Soft bag

Your BANDIN Tabla will be shipped to you in a custom designed box.  We provide a 100% guarantee on our packaging and shipping. If your item arrives damaged, we will provide a no questions asked replacement. Standard shipping will be provided to you cost free by Sultan Instruments.

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