KMR112 Ney Hardcase (Cylinder Case)

Sale price$50.00


Our Ney Case is crafted from waterproof fabric, providing optimal protection for your instrument. Key features include water-resistant material, a sturdy build, and a convenient shoulder strap for easy carrying. With a length of 80 cm, the case is designed in sleek black color with a rain-resistant, high-quality leather coating on the exterior.

The internal structure features rigid PVC tubing, ensuring durability and safeguarding your Ney from external elements. The dimensions, with an 8 cm diameter and 83 cm length, make it suitable for Yıldız, Süpürde, and Kız Ney models.

Invest in our Ney Case to ensure the safety and longevity of your instrument, making it an ideal choice for musicians seeking reliable protection in any weather condition

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