Kabak Kemane

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Made by one of today's best Kabak Kemane craftsmen, this instrument is the perfect instrument for professional users. Our Kabak Kemane, made from high quality materials, is quite comfortable to use. Made for the professional level, Kabak Kemane is also an ideal choice for violinists who want to advance themselves.

The features of our Kabak Kemane are as follows:
- Bowl: Pumpkin
- Skin: Natural
- Pegs: MetalPegs
- Embroidered: Traditional decorations
The products that will come to you with our Kabak Kemane are as follows:
- Soft Case
- Arrow
- Resin
Our Kabak Kemane will be sent to you well packaged. We give 100% guarantee on packaging. If the product arrives at you in a damaged condition, we will replace it unconditionally.

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