Frame Drum - Bendir

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A very popular instrument in the Turkish traditional music, our Bendir drum is made from the highest quality materials to give you the best playing experience. Our Bendir Drums come in a variety of sizes, but all are designed to be ergonomic and stylish. From the walnut body to the high-quality synthetic, every part of this Bendir Drum is meant to deliver exceptional sound.

Bendir Drum specifications are as listed below:

Tree Type: Walnut

Skin: Synthetic Leather

Diameter: 40 cm – 52 cm

Here is the list of items that will be shipped to along with your Bendir Drum:

  • Soft Gig Bag

Your Bendir Drum will be shipped to you in a custom designed hard-shell box.  We provide a 100% guarantee on our packaging and shipping. If your item arrives damaged, we will provide a no questions asked replacement. Standard shipping will be provided to you cost free by Sultan Instruments.

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