Dupont Kanun String

Style: Turkish
Sale price$100.00


Our Dupont Kanun Strings are manufactured specifically for all levels of kanun players. Crafted from high-quality American materials, our strings are suitable for 26 notes. They can be used in Turkish and Arabic kanuns.

The measurement system is as follows: LA0.603, SOL3, FA0.703, MI3, RE3, DO3, SI3, LA0.803, SOL3, FA3, MI3, RE3, DO0.903, SI3, LA3, SOL3, FA3, MI1.003, RE3, DO3, SI3, LA1.103, SOL3, FA3, MI1.253, RE3.

Our strings are designed to meet the demands of various playing styles, ensuring a high-quality and versatile experience for kanun players at any level. Explore the excellence of Dupont Kanun Strings in your musical journey. 

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