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Classical Kemence, which we make from well-dried solid carved mahogany tree, is a very suitable kemence for users who want to achieve soft and warm tones. There are ebony pegs in our Classical Kemence, which has a pleasant appearance with mother-of-pearl decorations.
The features of our Classical Kemençe are as follows:
- Bowl: Solid carved mahogany
- Top: Cypress
- Embroidered: Pearl Embroidered
- Pegs: Ebony

The products that will come to you with our classic kemençe are as follows:
- Soft Bag
- Arrow
- Resin
Our Classical Kemence  will be sent to you well packaged. We give 100% guarantee on packaging. If the product arrives at you in a damaged condition, we will replace it unconditionally.


The classical kemençe: 

Kamancheh is a bowed string instrument having a spherical body. The instrument is used to play both folk and classical music. Kamancheh had a great influence on a number of different cultures throughout the history. The music you can produce with this instrument has an aura that binds both the listeners and the artist. Pitch of the instrument is much harder and more striking. Instrument’s  sound is very close to the human voice.

Kamancheh Structure:

The structure of the instrument is little different in each country. The classic Kemancha is divided into 4 basic parts as:

  • body
  • handle
  • auger
  • strings

 Classic kamancheh is a small musical instrument with a length of 40-41 cm, a width of 14-15 cm, and played with fingernails. The half-pear-like body, elliptical 'head', and 'neck' of the stem are produced by carving from a single piece of wood. The Classic Kemancha weighs about 1.5 kg.

Kamancheh’s body is totally hand-carved from mulberry, black mulberry, maple, juniper, spruce, or plum wood, and is made within 3-15 days, depending on its type and characteristics.

It consists of 2 large D-shaped holes on its chest, with rounded edges out. The instrument also contains a "back groove". The strings are 7-10 mm higher than the key, while the tail wedge is placed on left knee and the strings of the kamancheh are held in a vertical position against the chest or placed between the two knees. The sounds are not obtained by pressing the strings with the fingertips, as in most stringed instruments, but by gently pushing the strings from the side with the fingernails.

How to Use the Instrument:

kamancheh models can vary a lot. While some kamancheh users prefer a plain and unpretentious appearance, others prefer kamancheh that arecreated by combining the art of decoration.

It is soft and comfortable to listen timbre that makes kamancheh a suitable instrument for solo and ensemble. Notes can be reached by touching the nails starting from the left towards the strings. The player rests the Kamancheh on the knee and instead of using the guidance of the bow he bends the instrument to meet the bow. While performing, player use fingers by inserting them between bow hair and the wood part to get the desired sound.

Kamancheh can be tuned in a wide range and so it provides a technical advantage.

Lowest can be: La – Re – La – Re until Re – Sol – Re – Sol.

Some players prefer to utilize the mid-tension strings. Less commonly but some players prefer to play Kamancheh like a violin. There are various versions for tuning and at the end, player's taste is the final for tuning pitch.

Here we are providing you with this exceptional classical kemençe in our online store, from where ypu can buy this instrument reasonable price and purchasing it from our store will lead you to a great experience. Don’t miss that great opportunity!

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