Karadeniz Kemenche

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Our Karadeniz (Blacksea) Kemence, which is unique to the Black Sea region, prepared according to traditional lines, has a carved mulberry body. Suitable for all levels, our Karadeniz (Blacksea) kemence has rosewood keyboard and pegs.

The features of our Karadeniz (Black Sea) Kemençe are as follows:
- Body: Carved Mulberry
- Keyboard: Rosewood
- Pegs: Rosewood
- Tail: Rosewood
- Bridge: Maple tree
- Sagittarius: Horsehair
The products that will come to you with our Karadeniz (Black Sea) Kemençe are as follows:
- Soft Bag
- Bow (Horsehair)
- Resin
Our Karadeniz (Black Sea) Kemençe will be sent to you in a well-packaged manner. We give 100% guarantee on packaging. If the product arrives at you in a damaged condition, we will replace it unconditionally.


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