Aluminum Darbuka Hand Hammered

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Darbuka No , Diameter & Length: No:2 Diameter: 17cm Length: 31.5cm
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Handcrafted by the Sultan Music family, the Hand-Finished Darbukas come with a straight silver color, and are hand-finished by our masters to provide a spectacular visual beauty. Our Aluminum Darbukas are perfect for players of all ages thanks to the variety of sizes. The synthetic leather at the top of our Aluminum Darbukas allows you to play across a vast range of tones and sounds. Aluminum Darbukas can be adjusted/tuned from the controls at the top.

Hand-Finished Aluminum Darbuka specifications are as listed below:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Hand Finished Design
  • Skin: Synthetic
  • Tune: Adjustable
  • Skin Diameter: Adjustable (17 cm – 18.5 cm – 20.5 cm – 23 cm)
  • Size: Adjustable (30 cm – 32 cm – 35 cm – 36 cm)

Here is the list of items that will be sent to you along with your Hand-Finished Aluminum Darbukas:

  • Darbuka Tuning Tool

Your Aluminum Darbuka will be shipped to you in a custom designed hard-shell box.  We provide a 100% guarantee on our packaging and shipping. If your item arrives damaged, we will provide a no questions asked replacement. Standard shipping will be provided to you cost free by Sultan Instruments.

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