The ud instrument, with its long history and rich tradition, is produced in various regions of Turkey. Across the country, there are both student and professional ud makers who continue to craft ud instruments following traditional guidelines. Particularly, Istanbul, Izmir, and Samsun are regions where ud production is concentrated.

Istanbul hosts numerous ud makers, while Izmir has become a significant center for ud production in recent times. In the Karabağlar region, many manufacturing firms are located, with Sultan Instrument leading the way in this field. Samsun is also known for widespread ud production, and the skilled artisans in these regions provide customers with high-quality craftsmanship adhering to traditional styles.

Ud manufacturers throughout Turkey offer high-quality instruments to both local and international musicians. Visiting the workshops of these artisans is one of the best ways to understand the ud production process and make informed choices for custom orders. As the ud remains an integral part of Turkey's cultural heritage, these artisans contribute significantly to traditional craftsmanship.