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The oud is a stringed instrument. It is one of the musical instruments with an old history that corresponds to other stringed instruments. Playing the oud is a complex thing. Therefore, professional oud selection is significant. The choice of the accessories for ouds matters as much as the choice of oud.


Although oud has a unique sound, it has a fuller and thicker sound than other stringed instruments. The oud was used in entertainment music and the entertainments held in the palace during the old palace periods. In addition, listening to the oud is quite enjoyable for most people. Professional oud categories, the most professional oud materials, and oud accessories are the subjects of interest. Please continue reading our article for more detailed information on the subject.


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Oud strings


The oud string is the essential element that makes the sound produced by any stringed instrument. It is produced from a long, thin material that is placed under tension between two fixed points. Thread size refers to the thickness or diameter of the material.


When a wire is activated by fingers, springs, or hammers, it initiates a vibration that radiates a group of frequencies into the air. One of these usually prevails over the others and is called a note. Other acceptable frequencies are called overtones and give the sound its timbre characteristics.


There is a difference between the size and tension requirements for Arabian and Turkish Ouds. Turkish Ouds are in higher tuning than Arabic Ouds. Therefore, they use a lower gauge or thinner spring wires. However, it is necessary to put more tension by tuning the oud’s wire higher. 


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Oud picks


As in many handicrafts, great mastery is required in making ouds. In addition to knowledge, the materials used in the oud must be high quality. The raw material of the professional oud is wood, as in most instruments. Furthermore, an average of eight types of wood are used even in the most uncomplicated oud making process. Even those of the same species among these trees have different characteristics.


In this regard, it is significant that we know how to intervene in which tree and what kind of effects that tree can have on the sound of the oud. Some of the primary trees used in making oud are as follows:


  1.   Walnut
  2.   Mahogany
  3.   Linden Plum
  4.   Apricot
  5.   Cherry
  6.   Rose
  7.   Maple


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Soft cases for ouds


Thanks to the soft oud covers, you can carry your oud more easily while protecting it. The soft oud cover ensures that your oud does not wear out and remains clean. You can visit our Sultan Instrument website and buy suitable oud cases for unique oud cases.


As Sultan Instrument, we have discussed what you need to know about the professional oud accessories in this article. Our goal is to reduce costs and hassles for our valued customers and to present the best instruments worldwide. You can visit our website for detailed information about our products.

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