Do you want buy arabic qaunun or turkish kanun ?

Turkish Kanun:

Turkish Kanun is the Queen of Turkish music- a string instrument important in Turkish classical music. Kanun is also popular in other cultures in the Middle East, Asia, and North Africa. The tuning of this instrument divides a musical octave into 72 equal intervals.

A unique instrument with a bright timbre and variety of sound, colors and pitches in the trapezoid-shape. This shape provides the adjustment for the length of the strings. Left side of Kanun contains pegs also called “burgu” used to tune the instrument.

This instrument originates before the time of Christ, and to the civilizations of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Egypt. As the time passes, the kanun from these regions widely spread to other parts of the world.

Kanun describes both:

  • A single-stringed test implement used to deliberate the relationship between string length and vibration and,
  • also of a musical instrument of the lute type, in which the strings are partly divided on the resonator and stem.


  • Made by Plane wood.
  • Tuning Pegs Ebony
  • Mandals Alpaca
  • PVF Strings
  • It Tunes from low A (la) to high E (mi)
  • Kanun contains Professional Hard case, Professional Tuning Key, Professional Plectrums and Professional Rings.

The dimensions of a Turkish kanun includes:

Length ranges from- 95 to 100 cm (37–39")

Width ranges from- 38 to 40 cm (15–16")

Height ranges from- 4 to 6 cm (1.5–2.3")

Structure of Turkish Kanun:

kanun has undergone a number of changes with the time , although its main structural features are the same in all countries today:

thin wooden box over which the strings are stretched and which performs the role of a resonator has one side at an acute angle and the other running diagonally. The Straight side of Kanun is a section made of stretched leather. The foot of the lengthy bridge over which the strings run, press on the leather. Many strings of the instrument are in threes, although some of the lower ones in twos. Every string comes out of the straight angled section, runs over the bridge covered by an accord peg, passing through a special cleft running the length of the corner. The pegs stand in three rows. The top corners of the pegs acts truncated pyramids, and are turned by metal tuning key. Gut strings have been interchanged by nylon. Turkish kanun contains 2425 or 26 sets of strings, each set contains 2 or 3 strings.

Its sound ranges from 3 and a half to 8. It can be played by sitting on a chair and lays the kanun flat on the knees, playing with small ivory plectra placed on the index fingers of both hands. Some experts have played Kanun by putting it on a small table to produce a denser sound.

Kanun is an honorable member of zither’s family. kanun can be  played both as a solo instrument and as part of an ensemble.

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