Clay Darbuka

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Size cm: 23 cm
Skin: Goat
Sale price$900.00 Regular price$1,250.00


Made by special masters by covering clay with wood, our Clay Darbukas are the ideal instrument for professional players who wants exceptional sound and stylish looks. With a variety of customization options these Clay Darbukas provide the owner with the ability to reach the sound of their heart. Our Clay Darbuka series is also one of the most preferred products both within Turkey and in the rest of the World.

Clay Darbuka specifications are as listed below:

  • Body Material: Clay
  • Finish: Wood
  • Skin: Goat or Fish
  • Tuning: Adjustable
  • Diameter: Selection (23 cm – 24 cm- 26 cm- 28 cm – 30 cm – 32 cm)

Here is the list of items that will be sent to you along with your Clay Darbuka: 

  • Darbuka Tuning Tool
  • Quality Darbuka Gig Bag

Your Clay Darbuka will be shipped to you in a custom designed hard-shell box.  We provide a 100% guarantee on our packaging and shipping. If your item arrives damaged, we will provide a no questions asked replacement. Standard shipping will be provided to you cost free by Sultan Instruments.

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