Oud Bowl: Maple
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Oasis Oud 

We are thrilled to present our Oasis oud model! We are delighted to offer you the ouds crafted by the assistants who have been working under the supervision of our master craftsman, Yıldırım Palabıyık, for the past 10 years.

We are excited because the sound and design of these ouds rival the craftsmanship of Yıldırım himself, but let's keep that between us! :)

All the wood used in our ouds is of the highest quality, and no compromises have been made. These ouds are completely professional and can be enjoyed for many years. We hope the visuals have conveyed this joy to you.

Stay in harmony and music!

Oud specifications are as listed below:

  • Oud Bowl: Maple,Movingue
  • Wood (Front): Cedar
  • Fingerboard : Ebony
  • Pegs: Ebony
  • Tune: Do-Do (Re-Re & Fa-Fa available upon request)
  • Strings: Kürschner Premium Strings (11 String)
  • Body Length: 49 cm
  • Neck: 19.5 cm
  • String Length: 58.5 cm
  • Oud Bowl Depth: 19 cm


* Oud Instrument 

* Oud Bag 

* 5 pcs x Oud Pick

* Shipping is Free


Surface shipping worldwide  : 2-4 Weeks  It is included Price 

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